About Juli

Once Upon a Time...

A young couple from the East Coast came West, had a daughter, and bought their very first home in San Francisco. The house was a 1910 Edwardian that had been badly neglected and poorly “updated," but was something they could afford. They set about restoring it, and what started out as a passion project soon became their livelihood. With their young daughter in tow, they embarked upon a wondrous journey of restorations and remodels that would continue through many years and architectural styles.

And so this was my childhood. I grew up among books, magazines, and papers on architecture, construction, design and decorating.  I was constantly surrounded by blue-prints (yes, they were often still blue back then!) and sketches, samples of stone, woods, metals;  spec sheets on fixtures, fittings, lighting; swatches of fabric, wall coverings, paint colors;  and lots of construction.  I loved learning how our varied homes were originally built and about the design theory behind each one. I constantly shadowed the various builders, tradesmen and artisans as they completed their part of the project. From foundation and structural systems to interior architecture, millwork, cabinetry and finishes I was fascinated by it all.  I was particularly intrigued with the last phase, not only because that is when the "home" really came together, but because it also meant that Mom was coming in to do her decorating magic.  Each project was furnished, lit and decorated in a manner that was in keeping with the architectural style of the home; though not rigidly so. 

This background in and love of design and its implementation, combined with the financial and project management skills acquired from a first career in banking led to the creation of JBID in 2000.  We have since quietly grown into a full-service studio that specializes in remodels and restorations of architecturally-interesting homes, whether they be contemporary, traditional, or wonderfully unique in a way all their own.

"We are most fulfilled when our clients feel that their home is a complete reflection of themselves, and that they are delighted and comforted by their beautiful new surroundings."

We look forward to embarking on your design journey with you soon.