Convert an Antique Cabinet Into a

Custom Wet Bar!

One of our clients had the need for an entertainment room with a wet bar. She fell in love with this antique asian cabinet that we had custom made into a cocktail bar!

If you fall in love with antiques but see them as a "want" and not a "need" then this is a perfect way to combine the two and add unique accents to your home!


A local craftsman stripped out the inside woodwork

and made custom shelving, a wine rack, and glass holders.

This is a great way to make one piece of furniture

perform multiple functions! 

Once the piece is needed for entertaining, it is easily pulled from the corner of the room and paired with bar stools for guests.


When Considering an antique to transform into a functional piece of furniture, please make sure to have these three things:

1. Durable material  

2. Great exterior structure  

3.Detachable interior 

Adorned with hand painted landscapes and audits figures

surrounded by natural scenery on the face,

this cabinet illustrates asian aesthetics.

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